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개설 학과 (Programs)


Ⅰ. 4년제 학사 (4 year Degree)

  • 경영학과(Bachelor of Science in Business Administration)
  • 사회복지학과(Bachelor 0f Arts in Social Work)
  • 건강학과(Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences)

    Ⅱ. 석사 (Master)


  • MBA(Master of Business Administration)
  • 분쟁 해결 학과(Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution)
  • 인적 자원 관리 학과(Master of Science in Human Resource Management)
  • 결혼 및 가족 치료 학과(Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • 휴먼 서비스 학과 (Master of Science in Human Services)
  • 건강 교육 학과(Master of Science in Health Sciences - Health Education)
  • 공중 보건 학과(Master of Science in Health Sciences - Public Health)
  • 행정학과 (Master of Arts in Public Administration)
  • 심리학과(Master of Arts in Psychology)
  • 산업조직 심리학과(Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology)

    Ⅲ. 박사(p.h.D)

  • 경영학박사(Doctor of Business Administration)
  • 관리학박사(Doctor of Management)
  • 인간조직심리학박사(PsyD in Human & Organizational Psychology)
  • 의사 보조 박사(Doctorate of Physician Assistant)