Message from the senior President

We live in an international global digital are of the 21st century.
As a result of it, the TOBA Center has developed the most advanced technique by our research staff and are endowed with international comparativeness in our international community.
With the necessary talent we are making efforts to meet the digital are successfully. Since 1995,the program of digital video audio satellite broadcasting programs have constantly been developed and upgraded. Also via TV network, TOBA has provided korean universities, government agencies and large corporations with the most advanced broadcasting programs.

Specially, with good relationships and live broadcasting satellite interactive TV between Korea and the United States. We have developed joint programs with the university in the United States.
TOBA has established the most comparativeness by doing live digital interactive TV broadcasting with various educational business seminars and English conversational programs.

In the meantime we are currently working to develop special design, news paper, digital interactive broadcasting and educational institute. Starting with fashion business in 1968 TOBA has continued to make it's best effort to contribute it's best service to the international community.

Thank you.

Jong Jin MOON
President & CEO