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  TOBA specializes in developing application focused digital video audio conference technology, solutions, equipment and networking.

Evaluating new technologies, applications, and procedures for the use of interactive services in digital Video Audio control, such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, to enhance safety and increase throughput.

A pioneer from South Korea in the interactive digital video audio conference education. TOBA, you can teach a class within your institutes, around the world, or across your local area. TOBA satellite TV based systems are easy to use, and offer you the advanced powerful equipments in your interactive digital video audio conference that you use on your TV or PC.

We offer our clients source for all their Video Audio Visual needs.This includes Video Audio conferencing
solutions, Video Audio Conferencing equipments, Networking, Bridging,
Editing and Streaming.

TOBA,s extensive working in interactive communications and systems involves developments in local and networks, wide areas , wireless technology, and the developing of satellite digital Video Audio interactive to networks of satellites. This working has far reaching uses for both institutes and large company.
We have a technical research of excellence, the Networking Center, that services TOBA as a resource for designing and applying advanced networking and distributed information systems technologies.
Satellite Live Broadcasting
Signal Processing
Advanced Digital Video Audio Communications
Video Audio Control New Technical Systems and Networks
Collaborative Live Broadcastin